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Sethu Das | May 20, 2020

A Statement on the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis

Corona warrioirs, a mural appeared in Australia in May 2020.

IT took thousands of years to build the Great Wall of China to prevent invaders, but took less than sixty days for a virus outbreak that originated in China to invade and infect the entire world. The 'unforeseen' outbreak has not only changed the geopolitical landscape of the world but has also brought an end to interdependence of nations and our illusions about cultural integration. By now most people believe the great crisis, caused by the novel CoronaVirus, is a turning point in human history and the world will look different after the pandemic. Welcome to the de-globalised world!

While American society is divided on the Trump Administration's efficiency and management of the CoronaVirus pandemic, the rest of the world is divided in their views, on the source of the deadly virus. Does it really matter whether the CoronaVirus originated in a P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology or at a wet market situated few kilometres away? Does it really matter if it was brought to Wuhan by the US military (or not), as claimed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson? The answer is: Not really! Irrespective of the fact that the CoronaVirus is natural in source or nurtured by genetic engineering, the damage has already been done! As of today, more than 200 countries except China are being affected, killing 325,125 and infecting about 5 million people worldwide*. The outbreak of this virus might not necessarily be a 'biological attack' to establish a new world order, as some may claim, considering the impact the very same virus has had on China's favoured nations and faithful trade partners. But the magnitude of the impact was so huge, destructive and disastrous that it can be considered to be even bigger than a biological attack, and beyond any conventional wars fought in the past.

One may ask what was keeping China busy during the peak of CoronaVirus outbreak — well, a global crisis such as this one does not deviate China from its national focus. When the whole world was struggling to control and contain the pandemic, China was busy deploying 'Sea Wing' underwater drones in the Indian Ocean Region; providing special training to its military personnel stationed inside occupied-Tibet to sharpen their driving skills to handle complex conditions and empowering CanSino Biologics & the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Shanghai to develop a vaccine for a 'possible virus outbreak'. And, finally after sending hundreds of countries back to the Stone Age, China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced 'Tianwen-1' on April 24, 2020, its first Mars Exploration Mission, aiming to dominate the 'Red' Planet and challenging Russia, EU, India and the USA.

In the eyes of the world, China is the place of origin of the pandemic and appears to be the sole culprit for the outbreak and spread of the virus. China is being questioned by the international community for a number of reasons — for silencing Dr Li Wenliang, the whistle-blower ophthalmologist from the Wuhan Central Hospital who first reported a possible virus outbreak in December last year; for allowing millions of its people from the Hubei province to travel to other parts of the world since the first case was reported; for its diplomatic efforts to influence powerful nations to not to use the term 'Chinese Virus' or 'Wuhan Virus'; for distributing and selling millions of substandard quality COVID-19 test kits and PPEs to a number of countries, developed by two of its approved agencies; for the miraculous recovery from the aftermath of a deadly virus outbreak with 'minimal damages' to promptly reopen the country and its market; for colluding with and influencing the World Health Organisation (WHO) to delay the global pandemic warning; and now preventing an independent international investigation into the origin of the CoronaVirus!

In a historic speech to the World Health Assembly, the compassionate President of the People's Republic of China declared that "China will make the vaccine available for the global public good, which will be China's contribution to ensure vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries." The global race to develop and secure vaccine supplies has begun. Just as dust particles are necessary in the atmosphere for a light beam to make its presence felt, chaos and confusion are necessary in our troubled atmosphere for greedy corporations to make their presence felt, by pushing the development of vaccines in association with their respective governments. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 100 vaccine projects are in the development stage and the health institution has already shortlisted establishments to develop vaccines for clinical trials. Paradoxically, China, a country whose role in the outbreak is now being investigated by 122 WHO Member States, announced that its pharmaceutical companies such as Shanghai Fosun, Cancino Biologics, China National Biotec Group, Sinovac Biotech, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology are in the race and collaborating with their overseas counterparts to develop a vaccine.

An internal report published by China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), affiliated with the Ministry of State Security, concludes that global anti-China sentiment is at its highest since 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre and could possibly lead to an armed confrontation between global powers. The world should hold China and WHO accountable and responsible for their latest crime against humanity.

Social distancing and 20-seconds of hand-washing may help us to keep germs away, but to prevent COVID-19-like 'outbreaks' in future, the world needs long-term strategies such as 'political and economic distancing' with China. This approach alone seems to be the silver bullet in isolating a brutal regime that threatens the existence of smaller nations and peaceful communities.

Let us hope the 'unforeseen' outbreak of the CoronaVirus brings in 'unforeseen' regime changes and topples nations — if at all there is a world after the pandemic!

*Causalities at the time of going live with this statement on May 20, 2020

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